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E-mail: jeff@jefflopas.com


Jeff loves writing music. He plays many instruments, and his biggest struggle is keeping his diverse collection of instruments from growing too fast! Jeff's go-to instrument is the guitar, with many electric and acoustic guitars hanging in the studio, but his collection is rounded out with vintage and modern keyboards, antique toy pianos, an autoharp, various folk instruments, and other fun things! When creating music, Jeff selects an instrument that has a particular sonic character and enjoys applying its unique qualities to his pieces.

IKEA LATTJO video series, a collaboration with Boston SoundLabs.  Credits include composer/co-composer, sound designer, voice director, voice actor, and mixer.  Produced by DreamWorks for IKEA.


Light-hearted, slighty off-center theme for an interesting pilot

METAL! Jeff likes it.

Radio spot. Folksy country with a dash of chicken pickin'.

Sun-inspired pop for Where's My Water.

Trip Hop for Zynga's Mafia Wars 2.

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