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Contact Jeff

Phone: 773 396 2991

E-mail: jeff@jefflopas.com

Why Jeff Lopas?

Good question.  Thanks for asking.  


Clients say they enjoy working with Jeff because he delivers quality work product and is a true partner in seeing the project completed on time and on budget.


His Work Product

Jeff is not a traditionally cultivated composer. He is a rock musician that transitioned into composing. This gives him a unique perspective when crafting songs. He writes with more focus on feeling and is less concerned with when to flavor things up with a 9 chord. This has served him well, especially in advertising. Clients call on Jeff for his fresh voice and perspective. Jeff believes in innovative music composition without overthinking the process.


Working with Jeff

Having served in the role of producer at a Chicago post-production studio, Jeff understands what it takes to manage a successful project and the importance of client service. His communication style helps ensure that projects are progressing and that stakeholders are kept informed and solicited for feedback at the appropriate times. In short, Jeff gets the job done while keeping clients happy along the way!



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